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The Adriatic Luxury Towers

Our Journey: A Father’s Dream – A Daughter’s Promise

For over 250 years, the beautiful land with a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea has been owned by the Srdoc family. The first available cadastre written records of land ownership by the ancestors of the Srdoc family date back to 1828. The parcels of land once extended from the Adriatic Sea to the hills of the small town of Srdoci.

The Srdoc’s ancestral family lands included an olive tree orchard and vineyards. Producing wine and brandy has been a long-time family tradition which continues to this day. The only remaining artifacts of the olive cultivation are large stone jars which stored olive oil from the Srdoc family property.

In the last 300 years, this land was governed by a number of rulers, from Austria’s Hapsburg Monarchy, Hungarian Kingdom, French Empire’s Napoleonic Rule (the land was known as Illyrian Province) to an Italian annexation, Nazi Germany’s occupation during World War II, followed by Yugoslavia, and finally, modern-day Croatia which gained its independence in 1991.

The worst property rights abuses on the land owned by the Srdoc families took place during the last 30 years. The Srdoc family’s legacy highlights their tireless efforts to preserve the extraordinary value of their ancestral land for future generations.

The Adriatic Luxury Towers development project signifies the Srdoc family’s perseverance in overcoming historic and present challenges. The new generation is dedicated to strengthening the rule of law, creating a level playing field with economic opportunities for all, promoting investments and entrepreneurship in Croatia.

For Tomislav Srdoc, a WWII concentration camp survivor, the dream was to build on his ancestral land. Today, his daughter Natasha Srdoc, an economist, entrepreneur and think tank leader, is fulfilling her father’s vision with a sacred promise.

Indeed, the time has come to develop this beautiful privately-owned ancestral land overlooking the Adriatic Sea, which is now part of the European Union.


The Adriatic Luxury Towers will be built in the beautiful Kvarner Bay, near the coastal city of Rijeka and the Srdoci hills in the Northern Adriatic. Each luxurious unit will enjoy extraordinary views of the Adriatic Sea. Large glass windows will provide abundant natural light to the energy efficient residences. 

The Adriatic Luxury Towers will feature indoor and outdoor pools overlooking the sea, saunas, exercise room and an exclusive club room. This high-rise luxury living brings exclusive common amenities for its residents.

The architectural design was prepared by the award-winning London-based Simone de Gale Architects, whose founder and CEO is Simone de Gale, Chartered Architect, ARB, The Royal Institute of British Architects, London, United Kingdom.

The Adriatic Luxury Towers project is an American, British, European and Croatian development, undertaken by Tomislav Srdoc and his daughter Natasha Srdoc, along with her spouse Joel Anand, through the US-based The JDN Group. The Adriatic Luxury Towers project will be led by Natasha Srdoc, MBA, economist, international think tank leader and former corporate banker.


45°20’59.0"N 14°21’53.4"E

The location of the property is less than an hour flight from your home in Central Europe and a two-hour flight from London or Northern Europe.

The distances from the following airports:

  • Rijeka, Croatia (RJK) | 32 km (20 miles)
  • Venice, Italy (VCE) | 215 km (133 miles)
  • Trieste, Italy (TRS) | 105 km (65 miles)
  • Treviso, Italy (TSF) | 212 km (131 miles)
  • Zagreb, Croatia (ZAG) | 176 km (110 miles)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia (LJU) | 130 km (80 miles)
  • Salzburg, Austria – 390 km (242 miles)


  • Istrian vineyards and indigenous truffle culinary delights.
  • Coastal city of Opatija – once the Royal Habsburg’s upscale resort.
  • Sailing on the Adriatic Sea.
  • Wind surfing in Kvarner Bay.
  • Sailing clubs for the youth including training courses.
  • Enjoy the wild caught fish sold in the marketplaces on the very same day.
  • Savor the fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Excellent local organic foods, wine, and more.
  • A special exclusive arrangement with Adriatic Luxury Towers’ concierge service with daily deliveries of wild caught fish, fruits and vegetable deliveries.



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